What can't be said

She now denies the god
he brought out in her
as if the nights could be
immaculated and the days erased.
but the canvas where
she drew his desire
speaks words of cotton
and the void is immeasurable.

i wish she could understand
she is a human being
like you and me.
loneliness is a magical disaster:
we find pleasure and

she is trying to create a void
in herself to fill it up
with her own regret.
let the flames consume you.
they wouldn't hurt the past.

-we all want what you had
but just a few deserve.
things like those are too fragile
to speak of.-
(i know)

don't spare your heart.
love is not a due,
and do me a favour if you have time:
sing the beauty of feeling.
(and you felt it so courageously)

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2014 Photobucket

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