June for beginners

Painting by Steve de La Mare

A wild solitude opens the door
and sits on my sofa, inviting
thunderstorms to warm their
cold shoulders and wet words.

Clouds cry on the windowsill
and the curtains are eternally closed
for darkness has no time to leave.

Coats marry scarves as the evening
cools and carries lovely umbrellas
across the ex-streets of autumn.

I expect nothing in June but
a good nap as Mrs Persephone
aka Proserpine lies next to her man
with devotion and some care.
Hades kidnapped her again
and the hardness of the rain
put me to bed early.

I must remember the myth
and the (in)decent drama
and happiness of being alone in June:
one of the most romantic months
for us.

What is June but a still life painting
where I am the hidden seed
of a passion fruit?
What is June for an inexperienced poet
like me whose hands still tremble before
the mysterious solstices?

Karla Bardanza

In Brazil, winter begins on June 21st. We also celebrate Valentine's Day in this month too.

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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  1. Dreaming while awake in the etheral world... one of not awake nor asleep... tapping into the whispers of the inner soul which comes to light when it speaks... listen to it... enchanting..