The disobedient ear - Mag 173

He tried hard to anchor her
to the ground as if her mind would respect him.
But the ear within could never listen
to his politically correct words.
She wanted more than bread and company.
She was a thirsty woman: the kind who drinks life
every single moment without that feeling of guilty
so ordinary from 9 to 5 ,when you lie to stay at home
on rainy days just because you feel lonelier than
the others.

He only knows lethargy and wouldn’t miss
the moon if it disappears. She once said if he insists
on being who he was, the only mark
 he would leave when he died would be  his footprints.
He never heard her too though.

She had that feeling of just being enough
that’s why she let go of his hands.
I suppose she is where he will never reach
and even if he could, it would be impossible for him
 to put up with the intolerable lightness of her being.
I don’t think he will survive the loss:
he has nobody to take care of his bendable hours now.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2013 Photobucket


  1. I like reading about her need for freedom in this. Great take!

  2. ... 'the incredible lightness of her being' ~~ my favorite line in a great poem!

  3. bela história de auto-afirmação e busca da liberdade.

  4. This is an amazing poem! There are many lines that resonate within me, and I love the painting of Chagall that you found to illustrate it with!
    Thank you for following me, I'll follow you here in return :-)
    Happy PPF
    and hugs from Germany