I sense the mystery

looking beyond the obvious,

opening the unknown,

tearing the veil of reality

where desire and lust are blown.

At my feet, he sits, astonished

seeking answers, trying to understand

the secret by the light of the crescent

moon upon my brow. I say nothing,

it is my vow.

Quietly I never interfere, I only

see, I only hear.

I let him fly, he is ready to go his way

again, one day he will be ready to travel

the most secret path of all with me.

Oh! Mother what will be, will be…

In between shadows,

I silence and gaze.

A ring of fragrant roses protects him

and me as he wanders in his maze.

Oh Mother! What will be will be.

He will see.

Karla Bardanza


1 comment:

  1. You raise up those you choose
    to become a part of you. They don't know you bring them. This truly rings of seduction. Very enlightening the powers of a Priestess.