Natasha Zupan
A strange happiness
nuzzled her, recreating
life out of life as if
she could sketch that song
and finally perceive the chords
in that musical force:
Nantes is on the corner
of the past.

-His solenly grinning face
was staring down at her-

She was reconstructing the past
to recognize the present
but the present is a creature
touched with divinity.

-He was talking about
the poetic nature of Autran Dourado-

In a year or so,
he will be where she could never go
and Nantes shall be just
a fragile damage.

Karla Bardanza
This poem is a tribute to Nantes - one of my favourite songs by Beirut.

Autran Dourado is a Brazilian writer.
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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