"There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen: karma and free will. The question is, 'how are you going to handle what you have?' You are riding the karmic wave underneath and the wind can shift. Everyone must take what they see and deal with that which is unseen."
- Kuan Yin

Unknown Author 

Darkness spins,
destroying almost
twelve months:
I am.

Blame me for living.
(I tried)
I am.

Something contracts inside
and fractures my ages;
I have no wisdom to share
as the words drip from
this year's mouth.

My red encrusted eyelids
don't regret time's forgetfulness,
my esclerosed heart still beats:
I am.
I am.

And it's been like sleeping
on a bed of rusty nails enjoying
quietly each suppurating wound.
And it's been like breaking
three hundred and sixty five stained mirrors.

I am
I am

Kneeling down before You,
as I touch my head to the floor,
I weep, placing my hands by
my head with my palms up.


I am
(grateful, Mother)
I am
(alive, Mother)
I am
(here, Mother)
I am
(prepared for what is yet to come,

Karla Bardanza
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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