Dialectic or Rhetoric?What is your art?

Tristan Elwell
That got me thinking.

They want the fire to lick their flames as if
we all could give a full account of our idiosyncrasies
and emotional inadequacies hidden between
our left and right hemispheres when we drop our shields
to punch each other's eyes better and gently every now then.

And what's there to say apart from our limitations dripping
some kind of half sickened theoretical knowledge?
Truth -as far as I am concerned when I am concerned-
does not privilege those who play with the element fire.
(Besides the blade of a sword needs fire and ice
to be sharpened correctly)

We have reached the end of our whims.
I have a vague sensation that all we want
is to share some kind of relief

as we spit our misunderstandings
and bitterness in each other's face.

But I am here to express my gratitude
to language:
it will willingly allow us to use it again
to satiate our featureless hearts.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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