That sublime air had disappeared.
Her smile was no smile.
Her eyes are dead winds blown
during the tragedy.

For some minutes
she sat there looking for herself
among the wreckage,trying to
rescue her identity, her past
carried away by the heartless

Her shoulders hold what her
God abandoned but she does pray.
But she does pray every single day
before she goes to bed.

And when she closes her eyes,
trying to sleep, that horror
sits on her pillow again
and all she can see is the mud
moaning and the witless rain.

Karla Bardanza

Dedicated to my people.

Some of you might have heard of the recent tragedy in Rio de Janeiro.It was the worse natural tragedy in our history. More of 600 people died due to inundations and heavy landslides and many people are still missing. More than 10.000 have lost their homes and are waiting for help. Many of them are still without food, water or electricity.

Please, keep the people of Rio de Janeiro in your prayers


  1. I will definitely keep those people in my prayers. Your poem was so emotional.

  2. We've had similar tragedy in Queensland, Australia; many without homes and amenities, families lost and many still missing. Mother Nature's force is unstoppable. If we all hold hands together, maybe our prayers will be heard.

  3. WOW.... Powerful! Your heart bleeds for those who suffer and are gone. And you have a heart of a leader for its people. Yes, we will pray and continue to do so. Blessings...