Post-Colonial Studies on her

Ladies and gentlemen,
here she comes.
a big round of applause, please.
she cooks, sweeps, does the ironing
and the washing-up.
(nah!she's not chained home!
she works out most of times too.)
she sews, mends and serves everybody
as if she was paid for that.
(but she isn't...oh!!!)

her husband beats her now and then 
(he needs to remind her
who wears the trousers at home (sic))
the authorities despises her:
fifteen women are killed evey day here.
(gender-based violence!Who cares huh!)
the media exploits her beauty:
you should come here
and have a "romance" with her (sic)
her own family ignores her:
"you are married now!"
life has been an odd lapse
since childhood.
(but she is too tired to think
about anything but the bills
in the pressure cook)

she was taught to be a saint.
she was taught to be a good.
yes, she walks the paradox
with pride and faith
and never falls from the tight rope.
-god bless!-

she has to be always beautiful:
people are not prepared yet
to understand that growing old
is part of the game.
(dye your hair,
be slim,
be tasty,
wrinkles...oh no!)

c'mon ladies and gentlemen,
a stand ovation, please.

however, the best is yet to come.
are you prepared?
she is usually paid less than a
man too.
(i know it's not your fault, sir!)

(play the fanfares now, please)
(dam dam dam)
the climax:
her culture still justify rapes:
"she was wearing a short dress"
or some other excuse
you shouldn't pay mind
because it will make you vomit.
("that's life"...people sigh.)

yes, she is a heroine.
she is a woman from south america.
she is a third world dame.

(may the gods have mercy on us!)

applause, please.

karla bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2015 Photobucket

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