A mermaid in love she is.

her hair floating in the water,

she is the daughter of the moon.

she is a metaphor inventing life,

inaugurating days, reconciling

her unfriendly shores, fighting

her heart in weird wars.

endless hours singing

alone, combing her hair,

enslaving her own soul,

diving nowhere, diving


a lovely mermaid she is.

lost in her water element,

mesmerized by her sick pain,

she kills but she is the one

who dies every now and then.

she doesn’t know her soul

neither the secrets the words

hold. She is lost between what

was dreamt and told. she is an

illusion, an ashamed sigh.

she is a creature of the sea

who wants to fly.

but when she opens her eyes
there is nothing there.

so she closes them again

and dream:

his image transverses her memory,

sanctifying her soul, infusing peace.

a piece of her pulses, pulses

yet she is just a mermaid in love

immersed in me.

-nobody will never know her heart sank in a dead sea-

Karla Bardanza .

1 comment:

  1. This poem tells me how we can deceive ourselves, so to not face
    who we are we dream. We choose to escape our lives, fears, realities. This reminds me of such a thing. tc