As he nails my bed with sighs and stars,
I watch Venus and Mars standing in his eyes,
sowing seeds of tenderness and desire,
murmuring promisses to the wild skies.

I am Juliet illuminating Romeo's lips
while love howls under the velvet moon.
I am Cathy calling out heathcliff again
to see the moors and the lillies in bloom.

He opens the heart of my heart,
feeding me on lust and delight.
Maybe he is Eros blinding Psyche
as we climb together the wild night.

Love is his song and I hear him,
hiding a ragged Scarlet in my memory
for my heart is nothing but a dry land
where brave Rhet saw a banshee.

He has made a flower of me.
My petals caress his calloused hands
as Abelard kisses Heloise in the dark,
teaching her what he understands.

I breathe his soul, fearing silently
all those things that made me sleep.
But when he holds me I am awake again
and love is deeper than deep.

Karla Bardanza

This poem is a tribute to the greatest love couples of all time.


  1. That's so romantic! You have the gift of poetry and you should never let go of it.

  2. I love the last two lines of this.
    It is self imploding. Love falls back into itself, continuing the circle of love. Beautiful and romantic.