Painting by Carlos Oviedo

Here everything has changed and the silences listen to me quietly. Haste gave way to gentleness as my hands are still for it matters not if eternity has no name. My body loses its shape and gains an unknown light, my skin dries eagerly while I find out new ways of dealing with my voice and time.

Little things get so huge, principles woken or sleep and everything is so full of meanings and symbols. Mistakes are just a new way of learning, feelings are weighed and the balance knows what equilibrium means. The just measure can be called life and I am sure I'm a star now.

Immutability loses itself in new images and metaphors, creating words and candor. Eyes look inward and try not to see small attitudes. Tears fall fast for anything or maybe nothing when I'm a witch or a fairy.

I am no longer what/who I used to be. My existential axis ignores the word power and everything that does not have the size of my heart. I do not know when this metamorphosis happened. The only thing I recognize is a (dis)enchanted woman who is still here underneath layers of wisdom and pain.

Karla Bardanza

Photobucket Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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  1. Such candidcy from your heart flower. Yes, life is changing for many people, and they change with it in the process. Blessings... Nice write! tc