The other side of midnight

He tucked her explanations
under the arm
and climbed down the stairs,
searching for his plausible self,
computing the distance
between his heart
and her today.

His long wavy hair seemed
to be more disheveled
as his pain weighed more.
I am not sure but
his eyes were an eruption of salt
and blood.
I have never seen him like that before:
fractured and intense.

He lit a cigarette and appreciated
the smoke combing his fingers.
I don't know why he allowed those seconds
to enter through him
but insanity lasts forever when love flows
toward the other side of midnight.

I wish I could have held his hand.
It was all he needed.

Don't ask me if she is sad.
Check by yourself.
She looks so chic in black.
That veil covering her guilty
looks so nice.

It is too early to spare tears.
She can't blur her fabulous make up.

I like to believe he is better now.
Unfortunately I need a magnifying glass
to name what happened.
Words have cheated on me
for such a long time.
Words cheated on him too.

How long will we use them to cause harm?

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2013 Photobucket


  1. This is an amazing poem. I don't know what else to say except it took my breath away.

  2. Silence speaks louder than words... yes, we use words
    unnecessarily. Loved this. EXALT!