In silence I lingered beside him all night,

tantalizing Saturn with some sighs and

new rings as he handcuffed my tender

things, tarnishing my soul with fire and

sleet, inviting the stars to moisten heat.

Sweet satin sheets, black leather and

desire whipped my acid body, singing a

different lullaby as he blindfolded me

and rendered me his dominant eyes.

My adorable serpent uncoiled and rose up

through the crown of my head, giving birth

to all words he hadn’t said, awakening

the sun in his hands, embracing his


Within his arms, I forgot my identity,

a lion shook its mane, I bent happily

while he did implore to breathe my

breath again and again.

Transcending soundless space,

lust knew the truth under the

veils of a secret game and I,

oh! I hardly remember his name.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. The great passionate trist before a break up. Both will ignite the fire as if for the last time. And truly a magnificent portrayal of this. EXALT