Mountains and abysses, oceans and distance,

deserts and seas, nothing can keep us apart.

There we go riding the stars, pouring our

sweet hearts out, seizing the moment to

sigh and dance over the lake as our lazy

Moon in her glory waves us goodbye.

Everlasting moments carved from words and poems

overflow our boundaries as we lose our own

geography just to find this love we can’t hide.

Oh! Love, I am here weaving the threads of

this passion out of jasmines and daffodils.

I am here contemplating the starlight’s


before my sun can rise and announces more

one day till the wind takes us away to paradise.

A taste of honey under your skin silence my eyes,

makes my desire flourish in songs written to

celebrate this encounter with pleasure and

fate and through you I drain rivers of fire of

Myself. Oh! Love, you avow my deliciousness,

you bestow my delights. Oh! Love, you are

what perfume my nights of beauty and delicate

harvests of perfect whispers.

Right now before your hungry eyes I am planting

my lust so lovingly once more.

Oh! Honey I have never loved like that before.

Let me draw you close to me again. Let me put a flower in your lovely hair…

Oh! Love, hold my hand, take me there…

Take me there…

Karla Bardanza

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  1. This is the most beautiful poem of love between two people I have ever read!!! EXALT!!! EXALT!!!