Our Eleusian Mysteries

Demeter blessed my coffee
with another doubt

and i think i can't write
about it.
not now.

she fed me with butterflies
and never allowed me
to think i was mortal as
i became an immoral wonder.
she also respected my feminism
and all my insane "isms"
which i still cultivate
with care.

it is weird
but i fear the untamed hours
whenever her eyes get red
and scattered,
the prison is invisible.
the prison is a membrane
involving yesterday
and tomorrow.

Demeter said
i will be her memory.
i can't be tough.
i will be too busy crying
for the mythic woman
who initiated me
ino the mysteries of Persephone.

but as Persephone,
i am the only one who
can reveal Demeter's glory
and wrath.
and both have made us
dwell with the gods
and believe in cyclical journeys.

karla bardanza

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