Both of us will come out of this
with our souls intact as the moon sews
the satin stars.
Both of us still have some time left
to dream together and listen to the waves
when they break upon the shore.
What shall fate bring to those
who rage on?

While we bounce between laugh and cry,
looking for some sort of peace between,
life throws stones at us
and all the answers disappear behind the clouds
and galaxies.
You are satisfied with your paints, brushes
and guitar.
I am satisfied with poems and flowers.
We are two of a kind.
You are heading back down to Austin
and I am still here, shouting again to be heard:
my activism is the only flag I respect.

Our black dogs always bite on us
and release our innermost fears
as time enslaves us.
Yes, my dearest one
we have been blessed and cursed
but we are still looking for something to save us
in the night.
Yes, my dearest one
we are shadow dancers.

We both live in our minds,
we both make up stories
with happy endings
but you and I know how this story ends.
I also know only one answer in this life of mine.
'wholovesya?' You ask.

What shall become of me
when you're gone?
Yes, my love,
there is no sleep for the wicked.
I shall be awaken forever.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. To have loved intensely with such passion, to make such a connection with one, if but for a moment, it is a blessing. Truly a strength one can draw off of time and again. Truly beautiful flower! EXALT!