First Luso-Poemas Meeting in Brazil

Yesterday was a memorable day. We had a meeting to celebrate Poetry in Portuguese. Yes, I write in Portuguese too. It is my language. The meeting happens both in Brazil and Portugal. Below you can see some pictures of the event. It was a day to carry in our hearts forever because Poetry is still what makes people dream when they are awaken and wake up when they are sleeping.

The invitation
Poets Fátima Abreu, José Silveira and me
Poet Fátima Abreu and me
Poets PCoelho, Sandra Fonseca and José Silveira
Poets: from left to the right: Roberto Esteves da Fonseca, Felipe Mendonça, me - Karla Bardanza, PCoelho,Sol Figueiredo, José Silveira, Sandra fonseca, Diana Balis, Sandra Fonseca, Branca.
Poet Iolanda Brazão is sitting.

Poets Fátima Abreu, Sol Figueiredo and me

Magical moment: Poet Fátima Abreu and I reading our poems
Museum of Contemporanean Art- place where the event occurred.
My daughter
Poet Sandra Abreu and me
My fellow Poets again
Poet de Luna
Presentation of The Federal Fluminense University Choir
Art and Ballet
Poets Sandra Fonseca, Sol Figueiredo and Alice Luconi
Poet José Silveira

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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  1. What an honor my friend! I congratulate you! In my country many people write poetry but few are celebrated. Only those who are well known and established authors who sell a lot of books. In Brazil I see poetry is for the love of expression! And I commend you on that! You are way ahead of the rest of us! I am very happy for you! Blessings! tc