Naked moment

Painting by Steven Kenny

Silence hid me
as I read those words
made of fire and past.
I saw you from the stage
when she clapped smilingly.
I saw you in her eyes,
in her hands, in those dreams
we dreamt/I dreamt when
I didn't have this face.

Flowers fell from the papers,
verses chained the universe,
we were again what we have
always been:
the immutable us.
"Don't say I am a Poet or a Poetess.
Little I know about Poetry.
I have no vocation to challenge words
neither to duel against phonemes,
morphemes, syntagmas.
What I like is the magma of the feelings
I am not a Poet or a Poetess.
I am what is done with my word
when it takes off the clothes
of the eternal now."

Mesmerized I climbed down
the stairs; you pulsating in me,
your heart beating in her chest:


Life is infinite.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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