Within it

I summon you
to touch her suffering,

lifting the veil of the blue moon
because she whirls within a circle,
protected by the stars,
resting in a faith
a few dare to understand.

she is the radiant is
and loves you as you become
what you are, and
you are the earth i am standing on,
the falling water reflecting
my face:
everything that honours life.


(women are holy here:
they speak in tongues
and their rhythms belong
to the drums as the winds rise.

if for two seconds
your intellect could ascend to her,
the whole mankind would be
forgiven and beauty could be

your eyes brought you
face to face to heaven
and there one sided truth
we are not different though.

my original impulse 
still summons you
to vibrate
because faith pulses
because suffering escapes me.

karla bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2016Photobucket

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