I invite you to celebrate
this moment of oblivion
and intoxication.

I poisoned myself,
dreaming about those
invisible things I still need
when I am half awake
or maybe half dead.

We can drink
in my bed or maybe
we can sit on the sink
and observe how pathetic
I am now.
(can't even think)

We can undress our metaphors
and the day as we spit
the words we could never say.
Maybe we can take our ridiculous
mask too and for three seconds
we could stop rehearsing
and say "I love you".

The sky is so distant
from me as I savour this glass
of defeat, caressing nothingness,
watching another accident,
trying my best to be sweet.

I invite you to suffer with me
as I dive in my ocean of pure despair,
cursing fate again while I err.

But you can't see me falling
from my cherished abyss.
But you can't  even give me
 a wet kiss.

Let's drink for your health
and forget all the rest
while time stains my heart.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

1 comment:

  1. Drinkning is bad for ones health, especially if one drinks from such a chalice as you described. We can only salute wishes, dreams and visions of hope and love. And of such I raise my glass and toast you! Later