Mother, the trees are still in my heart.
Deep valleys I hide in my agonizing soul.
No sound can be heard in my sad hills:
A breathless silence can’t make me whole.

Mother, here I am opening my hands
As the skies grow black and forget me.
This is my dreary hour, my burning moment.
How can I walk if anguish is all I can see?

The shapely shadows are my friends.
They are the only one solace I now know.
I could drop my pain from my darkness.
But I am small and weak, I can’t let it go.

Naked I wait for your blessing and forgiveness
For my hopes lie dead beneath my despair.
Oh Mother! Carry me in your arms of love,
Listen to me, embrace my plea with care.

I am defenceless gazing at eternity,
Fondling my bleeding wings amid dust,
Praying for redemption and guidance
In this moment of paralysis and distrust.

I lost my north, I lost faith in myself
But you have always been my truth, my way.
So cover me with your robe of peace
And draw me another route, a new day.

Mother, the trees are still in my heart
But your light shines through my soul.
Accept me in your womb of roses again,
Make me whole Mother, make me whole.

Karla Bardanza

Our Lady of Aparecida is the patron saint of Brazil.This my tribute to her.I am Brazilian.

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  1. A beautiful tribute. Almost sounds like Mother Nature. Enjoyed.