As she protects herself

After her,
i grant myself the permission
to wait for nothing.
that doesn't mean
she was the best option
for our collective unconscious.
we inherit retro dreams,
stupidities and
the incomprehensible macho stance:
the burden of the burden.

gender is a malediction
in silent cultures.
i see her carrying more
than we can all bear
but some want
to behead her though.

the future lies dead
as blind martyrs
and atheistic saints lose
their spirit of revolution
because we can't awake courage

spit on her,
stone her,
slice her breasts
and serve them
to the rats.
let your teeth gnash

we have been waiting for a god
not a goddess.
she haunts our phallocentric minds,
our scratched egos and brains.

i am sorry
but i am very young
to agree with you
and very old
to forget where
the cage has always been

karla bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2015 Photobucket

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