Little miracles wait tenderly for me every single day

as I embrace my humanity with love and sweet care,

smelling the soft air of odes written in a pink sky,

weaving gratitude and compassion from my prayer.

Ordinary woman I am with delicate dreams of flowers

planted with the seeds of freedom and imagination

as I wait my miracle happen with the moon in my eyes,

I write across my heart my faithfulness to creation.

Let me ride the sun with my hands of peace and rainbow.

Those miracles slip through my fingers in perfect harmony

as I dissolve my fiery heart in mellow words of chocolate,

in little miracles tattooed in the wind and called poetry.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. I close my eyes and I am there... I feel the elements flow through my fingertips... and the wind on my face... and the hush of nature... I am there.
    Thank you for the Journey...
    This is just beautiful!