Strange flowers bloom

in this fierce summer of

glittering translucent spots.

Their petals fall fast as if

they had forgotten how

to blossom into hope.

Everything is silence: waters

are still, soils are barren,

the sun crushes the leaves.

Life can’t enter and even

the moon doesn’t swim

in him anymore.

When she was in him, he had

a soul but the barriers cross

the fiery sky, embraces his

strictured heart, tame the


He limited his sight of the

horizon, he fractured the universe

with his partial love as she

danced before dawn while

her force was killing her.

Strange flowers bloom in this

fierce summer and all she

can see is darkness in

freedom’s open mouth.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. This is a woman scorned, by a lover who has limited her, and she has felt the death a 1,000 times over... for life seems dead to her, and so does the new found freedom of being single.