Nana Caymmi is singing just for me

This undecided day
left me another pill
as I sit here, pretending
to have a poetic existence
or maybe the right purposeless
words annexed to my tongue.

But I gradually
succumb to the innocuous
possibility of being
absorbed again.
Nana Caymmi is singing
just for me and
it is so sweet to fall
into the final (un)bearable
unknown, (re)inventing
fate, co-creating
emptiness, hurting myself
for the last time
and for the last time
being the author
of my own elegy.

Karla Bardanza

I wrote this poem listening to Nana Caymmi singing Flor da Noite.You may not understand the lyrics but the melody makes you dream.

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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