Rainy Spring

Erhard Loblein
Those galaxies i hid in my eyes
as we touched the fragile worlds
Venus conceived by the unsounded sea
are still the untamed magic nurturing
my dried pious utterances when i fail
to lean over another eroded day.
It is a precarious position
to love what is here and gone
and feel how breakable you still are
after all these years.
But the lullaby goes on and
i still shout what has been returned
to dust.
If your soul contains my dreams and
I can’t feel you,
forgive me.
if stars still dance between you and me
and i can’t see them,
forgive me.
Our small particularities still survive
in those wonders that outlived
any visible delight, my love.
And as i write you this ex-last letter again,
there is a litany lying on my womb,
reaching an unbearable climax
but the responses never appease the angry woman
dwelling in my uttermost parts
so i kneel down to feel your name expanding
and shrinking my tears and memory
when i live without my life,
when I try to repeat those words which
are and aren’t anymore .
Karla Bardanza
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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