Painting by Theresa Shelton

“Did you become yourself?” I asked him
as he followed the moon with silken eyes.
The night was cold:
he was wearing his worn-out brown leather jacket
(I loved when he thrust his hands into his pockets
and waited for me on the porch, whistling Distractions.
I guess I liked to be late just to listen to him.)
He stopped walking, looked at me ,
beyond me, through me and calmly replied:
“I have brought my dreams to the world,
I began to germinate at birth
and right now, I am a geranium.
A geranium in love with an exotic jasmine.”
We laughed together.
(It was good to laugh with him.
Don’t think I can laugh now as I used to)
I only got to know the real answer
to my question when he was already a seed again.
Last week I could finally plant some jasmines in my yard.
But I can’t see geraniums yet.
They still germinate in me.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. How do we really become ourselves? It is by becoming who we were meant to be, and for each one of us that is different. Another brilliant piece. This is deep my friend. Loved it. tc