Painting by Ma Dong Min

She folded the yellow paper in half
to make a crease, then folded it again
and again, recapturing patiently
a thousand runaway children
 as creativity awakened her hopeless hands,
opening her mind's forgotten doors.

When the bird was completely folded,
it was she who could finally fly.

Karla Bardanza

Origami possesses a lot of therapeutic advantages. It is used to help individuals with psychological aspects such as anxiety, suicidal tendencies, depression, low self esteem, etc. People who are having emotional and mental problems sense a feeling of acceptance while being taught the art of origami. Realizing someone is willing to take the time to teach and show them how to do this activity promotes positive emotions.

Origami as a theraupetic tool:visit the site and read.

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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