I cycle off to the beach
just to reward myself
with some coconut water,
craving for the sea as
the day welcomes me.

Rio de Janeiro is beautiful woman
carved out of dreams.
Rio de Janeiro is a curvy mulatta inviting
the skies to dance the samba
and celebrate life.

I spread my canga* on the sand
and sit for awhile, flirting with
the waves. I am lost in reverie.
The horizon is full of promises:
they are staring at me.

My body controls my mind.
Yemanja* calls me to walk in her mystery.
I bow to her before diving into her womb.
For some minutes silence lingers inside.
I float, feeling the tender embrace of the ocean,
in total communion with myself.

Beach sunshades umbrellas colour the sand,
Tall buildings seem to smile.
The sun baptizes me.
It is Sunday and Mother Nature shares
her immortal beauty with us.

Suddenly I am a fish.
My metamorphosis is fast.
My gills help me to breathe,
My scales are so iridescent.
Rio de Janeiro is where I want to be
Forever. Here is my soul.

The Portuguese waves pattern
On the sidewalk draws my heart.

Does paradise have this sea
full of coral formation and colorful
fish schools? Does paradise have
coconut huts where you can sip
on a cold beer and watch the surfers?

I wrap my canga around me,
get my bike. It is 5 p.m.
Tomorrow is Monday.
I have recharged my batteries.
Beauty is here to stay.

Karla Bardanza

*Foreigners take their towels to the beach while Brazilian people don’t. Instead, we use the cangas, a truly versatile garment – very similar to oriental sarongs. You can lie on your canga or wrap it around your body in different forms.
*Yemanja or Yemaya is the goddess of the Ocean and the Seas, one of the seven orishas. She is worshipped by African Umbanda religions in Brazil.

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. FLOWER!!! I wish I was there on the beach with you!!! I am glad you recharged your batteries. You live in what we call HEAVEN. Enjoy it for me my friend! Love Flower.