In the corridor of this jealous moon
I shall live and die,
flying kites, losing my sanity,
waiting those letters from the sky.

I am so imperfect
when desire inhabits my inns
and the sharks show me their fins.

Love is liquid:
I drank it fast
and it ached
when you touched my lies
and pain.
When I smoke life,
dreaming away again.

Some losses are infinite.
I keep losing myself
inside myself.
I keep trying to forget
all my fears on a dusty shelf
But they run after me
like a slave who is chained to his master.

I fell yesterday.
I am in a dark well,
waiting for redemption,
waiting for somebody
who will never come.

Maybe he drowned in shipless oceans.
Maybe he sank in dead seas.
Love is liquid:
the water is still potable here.
Drink of me.

(my mouth is dry)

Did I wave goodbye
when you decided to live
behind the shadows?
Who can quench my thirst
in this river of life?

I am floating,
so immersed in peace,
no sound I can hear.
I am in my mother's womb.
love is liquid.
Feed me on your blood Mum.
Feed me once more
as you did so many times before.

I am floating,
my hair spread out and rested in tender water
as your fingers threaded through it.
Flowers blossomed in your eyes.
love is liquid.
Where is our source?
why is it dry?
Why, my love, did you have to die?

I shall live.
I shall understand.
Water is so pure.
Let me drink it from your hand.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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