i want those mysteries the sea hides
from me as i wait the turning of tide
searching for the words i can't find
to explain this fate of mine.

rooted in blood i should be happy
and high, i should be an example
of something the wind might say
but i need another beer, another day.

if i could listen to Sade and
try again to stop the rain
from falling on my absurd hopes,
maybe i could be less invisible.

but nothing is probable and plausible
when I thrust my heart in my pockets.
life seems to be a melody so inaudible:
i can't hear it or even see the words jumping

from the mouth of my latest weary dream.
i am exiled in Never Never Land
or so it is/ seems. Who will help me
to decipher what i can't understand?

who will help me to read the enigmas
of the sea or shake the sand of my shoes?
i am forever living and dying. i am
forever hiding my ridiculous bruise.

i shall charm fate with my fatal eyes.
maybe I will wear my black leather boots.
if it doesns't work, i'll go back to my roots.
i am so used to chains and meaningless ties.

i want the sea and the jealous moon
as the insane night makes me crawl.
i want my life, i want the world,.
can't you see i want it all?

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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