When i loved you more,
i turned into something
of inexplicable value.
i was an unforgettable book
or maybe i was legend to be told forever.

i was one and all.

When did i get so small?

There are so many silent things in me:
my quiet eyes drowned in you
when i accepted your doubts and vanity,
when i accepted your ego in the wreckage,
when your thoughts were my profanity.

What else could i expect from life
If i buried you but it’s me who has been
dead for ages?

Our theater of air had many torn pages
and an improbable dialogue.
Who will read those fragile things?
How can a spider fly if she has no wings?

i spun four golden strands, trying to connect
your four corners, i spun webs of love around
your insanity as you disappointed me with honor and delight.

Why am i dead if i can still see this  uncommon light?

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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