These fragile walls built between us
were made of dark fire and shame
when the mad crowd yelled feverish words
and ignorance had no name.

Waiting for serpent-encircled ideas
they were, preparing the bonfire
as the moon wept still and bewildered
while stiff hearts did conspire.

When they burnt her healing hands,
thinking knowledge could be burnt too,
they killed me, they sliced my sacredness
for she is what I hold true.

The root of all evil is blindness.
Man has always been against the sky.
Furious beings stumble during the journey
as they don' know yet how to fly.

These fragile walls between us
were built upon numberless graveyards.
Women everywhere still cry in chains
while stupidity sits and has the cards.

Karla Bardanza

The Burning Times can be considered as a women's holocaust.Nine million people were killed, about 25% were male. Some victims were midwives and native healers.
Violence against women is a fact even nowadays.If you want to read more:

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  1. Your words are powerful in describing all the women who have
    lost their lives. In countries where surpressed, where not allowed to speak, for being women.
    Very powerful. EXALT!