Good morning Alice in the wonderland or shall I say Chiyo?

Well, don't think you are the only one who is waiting for Godot, sitting cross-legged, holding your feet in the abyss.You are not the owner of the moon.Life doesn't need your gravity.Moments of exaustion and doubts are not your privilege.There are thousands and thousands people with their arms folded too expecting the world to drop dead because they are already dead.

You neither understand life nor the mystery of the wind.Hope has never sprung up in your heart though you have fished illusion here and there. But do you really know the purity of despair? Many are those who roam the streets hungry and homeless.You think you know what drive people to shame, you think your pain is deeper and more intense. Is it? It is so comfortable to talk about pain when you are just an observer. I wonder how many times life has deserted you. The tranquilizing magic of the hour has always been by your side. The mountains have never stood against you. You have never been invisible.

I feel an enormous constricted weight in you. Sometimes I know your head is at the point of bursting. Nothing is perfect my dear. Promised disasters will happen now and then but you don't have to recoil in the darkness and speak in weird whispers or lose yourself in never never land. Face truth: you are no better than anyone. We all have moments in which we yearn more than the sea can give us. There will always be a violent sun or a feeling of being unimportant.

Sometimes your eyes will be tired and you will only see your own shadow. The edge will be all you have. Your grief will be excessive and you will fear infinity. Keep in mind you are not the first to be contained in a vessel. Dare yourself to bleed and stand up to get a shield. Life, my dear, is an unheard song in the air.

Good luck

Your best friend

Karla Bardanza


  1. Very thoughtful, and so true of many people. We forget to be thankful for small blessings. It's become the way of the world, wanting to reach for every star, when we should be greatful for the stardust that surrounds us.

  2. We can feel contained in our vessels of ourselves. Many of us talk to ourselves with much reflection. I enjoyed this.