I am breaking the silence.
The skies are fractured,
the moon has no
it waned when I lost
my tomorrow and my voice.

This interlude between
what I was and what I will
be is a fragment, it is a masterless
moment sleeping in my body and
mind for this broken peace
lying between you and me
is a storm painting the sea.

In the end, I was somewhere
behind the sun, facing the clouds,
expecting the moon to wax as
I plucked the flowers after the
rain, hoping you couldn't
ease me of your fever, of
my shame and pain.

But as Narcissus, you didn't
hear me: you were so engrossed
with your plans and conquests.
I was Echo failing another test.
Some day you will be able
to see more than your vain
Some day sire.
Some day sire.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Spoken with reflection, feeling, love lost, and self value. Growth out of lost, peace out of pain. And so it goes... Very fitting for most who read this. Blessings