I flew toward love before my heart was aware.
My urge stained those nights as deep chasms
sang 'neath the moon.
I was ouside life.

Rays of your soul shone through my skin,
embroidering feelings, knitting heavens,
tracing my book of prophecies and myths.

Only time was alert.
Only time kept its eyes open.

Multifoliated red roses blossomed in muddy
valleys deep inside. Cactus flowers dreamed
about us behind my breathless hills of desire.
Passion purified me.

It was time of trampled lillies.

When my doomed heart finally wept,
I was writing my testament of pain and regrets.
The air was frosty and dead.
I couldn't clear the rusty tops of my grief.
I couldn't read your metaphors or see
your undiscovered face and infinity.
I couldn't.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Such depth and emotion in this piece. You bare your soul and heart. The frosty air, only the eyes were opened, and finally your heart wept... deep my friend and moving. Loved this.... tc