The Old Path is my religion
And I dance to celebrate this
love I carry deep within binding
you and me to the universe, to the
mysteries of water, to Mother Moon.

My religion worships the soul
of nature, the flowers in bloom,
the sacred beauty seen and unseen,
the animals, the forests green.
I am the child of the Goddess, the
Divine Feminine resides in me, I am the
container of life, I am the key.

Call me witch and the stars I bewitch.
Call me a witch and with the power
of love I shall enrich.
Oh! Blessed Samhain, sublime night,
Magick invades the air today, my sweet

Earth, wind, fire and tender rain.
Oh! Mother Moon protects me now,
protects me again.
Give me your grace.
The circle is in my heart
Come...reflect in this water.
Let me see your kind face
Listen to your daughter.
Perpetuate your love in
our embrace.

My religion speaks of the old ways.
It is the perfume of my night,
the sanctity of my day.
My religion is what makes me
one with everything that is divine.
It is the path that I honor with
open hands.
My religion is the only one
language my heart understands.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Each of us has chosen a different path. You have expressed yourself well in explaining yours. tc