My soul has been ceaselessly unanswered
and I am not going to ask anymore.
(I guess my eyes can speak)
The tangibility of love is intangible.
The suitability of things is a caustic
silence drawn in the air:
a weird sweetness.

I am crossing life in darkness.
Things kill me, I am losing myself
in this soft world, in this soft word,
trying to look ahead, trying to build
feelings and bridges to nowhere.

My soul blossomed in mud.
My heart was clayed in armour.
Everything can wait but this
longing inside, this pain I am
trying to hide.
Dreams lie shattered in me.

My black petals are on the ground.
The path is closed and I am half-asleep.
I can’t go any further, emptiness is tender.
I can’t cope with fields of daisies.
Let me write my epitaph.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. We must die that we can live. We must bury the sorrow of yesterday, to but find the joy of today. When you have come to the end of yourself, you reach and look up. You will rise again with the wings of a Phoenix, reborn out of the ashes... tc