My darkness smiles:
I killed you yesterday.
It was so easy, so fast.
(the treasure of mind)

I hate your still eyes,
Everything I couldn’t
find where you used
to stand, everything
I couldn’t tell you or
understand when you
smiled and I was lost,
and I was wild.

I killed you and it was
such a pleasure when
I sent you to hell. Who
Could foretell such a
tragedy? Who could guess
this fatality? As I told
myself a long time ago
I have no time for
you can only reap
what you sow.

My darkness smiles:
I killed you yesterday.
Now I can sit and relax.
Now I can forget your
worn words and my paid
score. My heart you ripped
and tore, my soul you squeezed
and swept.
Oh! My love, I wept, I wept.
Oh! My love, I crept, I crept.

My darkness is free.
Now tell me when you look
at me, what can you see?
The woman I was or the
woman you helped to
destroy? True love or
just a toy?

Nothing really matters
I am free. Can you see
my black wings? Can you
see the monstrosities you
painted upon my heart and
around our rings?

My darkness smiles.
I killed you.
I know the purity of despair.
I killed you in my heart,
in my soul, in my life.
(I swear, I swear…)

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Yes, we kill the pain. Then we feel helpless until we rebuild ourselves without having to rely on defenses. Time it takes time...
    I love the strength in this, to severe death from you. Powerful! EXALT