A black cat unleashes its claws
In the silent wan moon's ray.
I just get my new broom in awe.
Hell! I don't know what to say.

Some sprites scare here and there,
A goblin emerges from the shade.
A different magic invades the air.
It's time to sharpen my new blade.

Mischiefs and spells are my delights.
I lavish myself on what can't be seen.
Monster and elfs are my knights,
We are so glad: it is Halloween!!!

I am just a sad and lonely witch
Ready to bring back the ancient days.
Someone lost in the dark I will bewitch
And he will never leave this maze.

Pray to be saved, pray not to meet me.
Seek for a good refuge and be serene.
Be careful if you come across a banshee.
After all, the door is open: it's Halloween!

Karla Bardanza

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  1. This is a beautiful write about Halloween. Could be a greeting card. Much enjoyed. tc