If you could love my solitude

and understand each piece of me,

eternity would embrace time

and we would have one heart.

However, you do not understand

the movements of my soul.

I dreamed about love long before

I saw you. Now I have nothing:

neither you nor me.

This poetic metaphor sleeps

in my eyes that are almost blind.

I don't try to see any longer

what you hide.

And I believed in us.

And I believed we could.

Now after forty years,

I know that something is missing.

Nobody was born to hear the lament

of Chopin with me: neither you nor the sea.

Let me listen to Prelude in E Minor again.

When life makes no more sense, my heart

wrapped in nothingness is still immense.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. WOW... This is phenominal! This blew me away!!! EXALT! EXALT!!! TC