Yes, I know.
With eyes wide shut,
I see.
I keep this mystery
under my skin, multiplying,
blessing what is within.

I gasp for breath,
retracing your steps.
(You made a mistake)
This (un)seen beauty is without strength,
This (un)seen beauty sears my eyes.
burns my soul, tortures desire.
You rend me to tatters as I wait
for my release.
(and my release lays in youyouyouyouyou)

This cry is not known
for this room is full of you
and it is so intangible,
and it is so distant from my left hand.
My senses are sick.
Save me.

Things wither, tomorrow drives me insane.
When I touch myself, your hands are still above
my calloused heart.

Beneath the weight I bear, words
call you and stretch asunder where
your beauty lies.
You made a mistake,
(yes, I know)
and it can’t be corrected.
and it is forever.
This love aches in my heart.
You ache in my heart.
Perpetually, perpetually.

My sorrow is mine,
only mine.
Helpless planets embrace me,
my Moon still gallops to your Sun,
my Venus tangles in the sweet hands of your Mars.
And I know, yes I know
This love is sublime,
can’t be transmuted,
can’t wait anymore.

I have been torn in two
and both parts love you.
This mystery is my perfect desire,
my eyes lost in the quivering air.

Glorify me
for some minutes.
Glorify me.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. Sublime! What a testimony of truth for
    the loss of a love! Beautifully written, from the heart.
    Much truth in this. Enjoyed. EXALT