He found me at my window,
gazing at the hills between us.

-He left-

He saw me when I was trying
to cross the chasm, wanting
the sea, confused with this
light blinding him and me.

-He left-

He got home when I was climbing
the moon, riding the stars,
taming the north wind, rooted
in sorrow.

-He left-

He left today.
He will leave tomorrow too
For I haven't learnt
how to forgive and
say I love you.

I remember
I tried but
He was so busy
greeting his ego,
reading his passions,
drinking his adventures.

All I had of him
was some rainy years,
some bitter moments
sunk in acid tears.

All I had of him
is hidden in starving verses
of love and despair.

He came today,
His hands searched the past
buried under my skin.

-He left-
He only found pain.

My soul can't bargain

Karla Bardanza

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