The echoing dunes called you and me
as we gazed at the stars, fishing illusions
and clouds, spying Venus and Mars.

I remember.
We two saw the disintegration of our
souls, reconciling every element
of our hungry beings to eternity,
weaving promises out of time,
writing the poetry of life without
care and rhyme.

What is love
but a blind force,
a profound experience of
what is divine and mystical,
our water at source.
What is our love
but this beauty that
we can only comprehend in a
primitive form when our souls
are silent and warm.

This truth remains unmoved
as the whole universe surrenders
Itself to us and love walks us through
those tender ways.
We hide ourselves in ourselves,
and life is again ablaze.

Karla Bardanza


  1. Very well written. The story was so indepth and so deep to the heart.

  2. " We hide ourselves in ourselves,
    and again we are ablaze"....
    This is a great analogy of the blending of ones self with anotgher, lost in love. Enjoyed my flower. Blessings.