Those sleepy roses
are dreaming in the narrow
mountainous regions
that borders my soul.

I open them petal by petal,
feeling their ethereal fragrance
as the faint moon rises, enveloping
my ever expanding universe.

The shadows of my soul falls
on my ownerless heart.
There is a rainbow shaft of
light there though.
Few are those who can see it.
-I am a narrative-
My self unfolds.
I exist from all eternity.

Those sleepy roses shine forth
and I know deep inside
I am unique,
I am all that has been, that is
and that will always be.

Karla Bardanza


  1. It is beautiful when we realize that we are all eternal beings.
    This write has a etheral feel to it, one of wightelssness. Enjoyed much my flower. Blessings

  2. This poem is 'woman', in all her beauty and nautural perfection. Floaty and feminine, I've read it eight times <3 Beautiful x