He asked her:                                      

-What shall I do with your dreams?

She said:

-Help me to see them again.

And she stayed there waiting for him

in the pathway of the moon, weaving

verses, riding flowers, sewing the universe.

Invisible hands disheveled crying trees,

tired clouds remembered their own misery,

she forgot the choreography of love,

the steps to honor God, her own mystery.

Dust and pain had captured her soul.

She was so ashamed and blind.

Nobody witnessed when she decided to see

those old dreams that were confined.

But they were not important anymore.

She recoiled in despair and cried.

Tempo perduto, tempo perdido:

She didn’t know she had already died.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. To be dead and not know it, having died waiting and being ignored. Being looked upon as a foolish person to hold onto old dreams that died long ago, wasting your life waiting for a return that shall never happen. You are dead waiting for the dead, that have since moved on. tc