I call you

(beyond, beyond love)

when the world doesn’t expand,

when I lit silent red candles,

whispering mysterious words

against the storm.

Your memories wrap me warm,

coax my obscure nights to quiet

as I lie among the dead, dressed

in clouds so red.

I call you

(beyond, beyond love)

running away, enveloped by

a sweet breeze.

I have no flesh, I have no name.

The year is at fall

and I call the past and I summon

my pain, conjuring the moon and

the rain,

weeping, weeping:

tears of tenderness,

tears of despair

and madness.

I call you

(beyond, beyond love)

Lost: unseen cardinal points

capture my tomorrow,

a bitter rapture cursed

with an unforgettable vow.

I call you
(beyond, beyond love)
and all the stars long to know
when your feathers will hold
my body heat and the leaves will uncurl
when that torn poem will be complete
and our roses will unfurl.


(beyond, beyond love)
I call you,
I call you,
I call you.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Truly Love is echoing to be complete. It is beckoning all of us to be fulfilled. Enjoyed ~ Peace