Feeding the angels of darkness

Sade dit moi
Qu’ est ce que tu vas chercher?
Le bien par le mal ? la ver tu par le vice?
Sade es-tu diabolique or divin?
Enigma, Sadeness
Painting by Lacey Mckinney

He ripped her skin with care,
making peace with devil
as she agonized in pleasure
and pain.
(she was a willing victim,
his receptive enigma)

-He liked what his hands
and hunger could do
when she was strong-

Little by little he diminished her adorably,
consuming her desire to succumb
in understandable flames,
in an aching transcendental metaphor
as he learned her tormented transfixed heart,
keeping her safe in the very hands
of her own wickedness, hurting
softly, hurting gently her inviting skin
for she was a delicate slave,
an obedient lust.

It was a swollen release
of enchanted primal animals,
it was an exorcism of wounded demons:
she licked that divine bleeding moment
of total submission in awe.
( he knew he owed her)

That was the way s/he loved,
and fed the angels of darkness.

That was Sade exercising
his nature and beauty again.

Karla Bardanza

*Sade, tell me
What is it that you seek?
The rightness of wrong?
The virtue of vice?
Sade are you diabolical or divine?

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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