That silence on her trembling lips was dear
As the sleepless night caressed her sad body
Once more, stealing a thousand dreams again,
Saying words she did abhor.

Vulnerable in that dark space,
Another lamb waited to be branded too.
Cold and half dead, she sat there while
Her untamed soul flew.

She dreamed to die at peace as
Those voices challenged her small fate.
But oceans were quiet and dry
And she didn't know how to open the gate.

When the fox ate the last lamb,
She knew she would be the next one.
With a whisper, she covered her mouth,
Praying to be dead before she could
See the sun.

The fox saw her blood and happily left.
She stayed there looking so bereft.
Who could save them if no one heard when they cried?
How many more crimes did the fox still hide?

Karla Bardanza

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